Company pension contributions
Arthur Millman discusses the merits of making company pension contributions.
Spouses in self-assessment
A commentary on how the new dividend tax regime extends the self-assessment net for spouses, by Arthur Millman.
Music struck the right note for Essex manufacturers
An emphasis on service and quality defines the 30-year success story of Essex Injection Mouldings
Payments on account
Ian Pessell explains the self-assessment advance payments regime.
Changing accountants
Arthur Millman advises on the practicalities of changing your accountant.
R&D relief
Sam Blundell expands on expenditure qualifying for research and development tax relief.
MTD – not when, but if?
Thomas Robinson discusses the latest MTD u-turn.
Staff matter
Thomas Robinson considers the costs of a happy workforce.
Rental properties
Ian Pessell discussed the current tax implications of buy-to-let properties.
New starters
A discussion on employer’s obligations for new starters by director Robert Howe.
Am I an employee?
Sam Blundell explores the implications for public sector contractors.
Casual labour
Thomas Robinson discusses the implications of casual workers.
Making tax digital
Thomas Robinson expands on the digital future of the tax return.
How does your garden centre grow?
The fascinating story of how Altons became the largest independent garden centre in Essex.
Employment status
Sam Blundell discusses the latest employment status updates.
HMRC fines
Sam Blundell advises on the current HMRC penalty regime.
What’s going wrong?
Arthur Millman advises on identifying financial problems.
Salary alternatives
Sam Blundell considers the cost savings of different methods of profit extraction.
Dividend lowdown
Arthur Millman gives his thoughts on the latest dividend taxation changes.
Management buyouts
Arthur Millman discusses an alternative option to selling a business.