Audit Goldwyns - Southend on Sea Accountants

With ever increasing audit thresholds, the availability of external auditors is steadily declining. Unfortunately for larger businesses this can often mean the quality of their audit services is also reducing as the area becomes more specialist. Smaller, unaudited, businesses are attracting lots of media attention these days, but we know that larger businesses are just as important to the economy too.

Whilst statutory audits may be unavoidable for some businesses, this does not mean the process has to be stressful. We make every effort to ensure our audits are as painless as we can manage – we know it is important to understand how your business works before we can properly advise you and where practical we try to keep our audit teams consistent year-to-year to save you unnecessary bother.

Just because an audit may be mandatory does not mean the service you receive should be inferior.

If you need an external audit or assurance service we would be happy to speak to you about how we can help. In the first instance, please feel free to contact Robert Howe or Sam Blundell.